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Peak Organic Purity: Crafted from Australian grown organic macadamia nuts, our powder boasts a purity that’s free from chemicals, artificial agents, and preservatives, letting you experience the true essence of macadamia.

Consistency: Finely ground to perfection, this macadamia powder is easy on digestive systems and blends harmoniously into foods, whether it's purees or cereals.

Measured Allergenic Introduction: Macadamias, as tree nuts, are potential allergens. Our powder provides a mindful and systematic approach to introduce them. Consistent with modern research, early allergen exposure may foster tolerance, decreasing the likelihood of allergies later on.

Macadamia Powder 60g

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Please keep in the refrigerator after opening.

    Product will expire 3 months after opening.

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